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Design Thinking & Systems Engineering

Design Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship

The Design Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, designed by education and business leaders, is an employability credential that serves as a seal of college and career readiness. In this certificate program, students will master a robust, human-centered approach to designing and improving products, experiences, and systems at any scale. Informed by testing and analysis, students will learn to iterate on and refine their prototype using design thinking methodology to ultimately generate a rigorous, viable solution to any challenge.

In the Design Thinking & Social Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, high school students will leverage design thinking to create a constant interplay of intuitive and data-driven decision-making and put their ideas into action by solving real-world problems with other students under the guidance of business professionals. Students will build on methods from across the field of design to create learning experiences that help them to unlock their creative potential and apply it to the world. This intensive, 8-month-long, hybrid program is the ultimate hands-on experience for any high-schooler looking to explore their diverse professional interests and develop the skills to succeed in a wide variety of careers.


Key Events:

  • Learn from guest speakers and hands-on workshops

  • Collaborate in groups and work with students from around the world

  • Conduct fieldwork to collect information

  • Re-frame problems, and find patterns in information.

  • Embrace diverse viewpoints,

  • Test new ideas with others

  • Understand stakeholders in order to define the product or service’s features

  • Observe and learn from unfamiliar contexts

  • Prepare for college and beyond

Design Thinking Program Sequence



Generating a Solution

In this course, you will engage in a series of brainstorming sessions that use capabilities diagrams, and context diagrams. From this process you will gather ideas that will propel you toward the creative solutions in your problem space.

Identifying a Challenge

In this course you will begin to summarize and describe in detail a challenge that you are trying to address and what you hope to achieve by taking on the challenge.

Design Prototype

In this course you will evolve a first design. From this point, you will create rough prototypes and role play as end users who are working with these prototypes. From this process you will learn about your product's strengths and shortcomings.


Gathering User Emotion

In this course you will conduct fieldwork to collect information about the users whose needs you are trying to meet.

Testing and Iteration

In this course you will test your design, which is the culmination of the design process leading up to this point. You will end up collecting needs, insights, and surprises along with tensions, contradictions, and synergies. The purpose here is to develop a solution that truly meets user needs.


Crafting a Narrative

In this course you will convert the raw data from your empathy fieldwork to create a powerful problem definition that sets the right context for brainstorming solutions.

Capstone Simulation


Sample Pipeline Trajectory

Social Entreprenuership

Design Thinking

Potential Program Trajectory





Real Estate

& Property 




Property Mgmt.





Agent / Rep













Real Estate Agent or Broker

Home Inspector

Scouting & Recruitment

Sports Agent


Coast Guard

Law Enforcement

Emergency Mgmt. Specialist

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